Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to read a book from your site?

Any software that reads pdf files (we recommend Foxit Reader) and epub for epub files (Calibre) will do.

Can I print a book I buy from your site?

Yes. You can print every book you buy and download from our site.

Can I read a book on an e-reader device?

Yes. There is no limitation to the number or type of the devices you can read our books on.

Is there a limitation to the number of devices I can read the book I buy on?

There is not.

How can I be sure my data is safe when I shop in your store?

We understand your concerns with providing credit card info when buying on a new site, like ours. But please note that to make the payment you are redirected to Verotel - a payment processor that has been working since 1998 with no issues or data leaks, so we can assure you that your data is as safe as it gets.

To get a little bit technical, the way it works is at follows: When you click the "Pay" button on the cart page, you get sent to Verotel site (check the address bar). After you provide your info, their software communicates with ours and says "payment #123 has been done", you get sent back to our site and we let you download. We don't see any info you type on their site.

We have processed thousands of purchases, and we haven't had a single complaint regarding any unexpected charges after purchasing at our store. You can be sure your data is secure.

Where do I get the invoice?

You can download your PDF invoice after paying - on the same page you'll download book from.

When will I be able to download a book I buy?

Usually you'll be able to download your book immediately after paying - you'll be sent to the download page, also you'll get an email with the link to the download page. However under certain circumstances it may take up to 24 hours to get the file ready.

Are there free books in your store?


What are the shipping terms?

We only sell e-books, there are no physical items that require shipping.

Are digital resources like CD's included with the books?

No. At the moment there are no books that include CD's or other media that may be included with the paper book. We only sell the book files.

What are your working hours?

Monday - Friday 10AM - 7PM MDT